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I am expanding the company to add more services to customers like affordable website design, graphic design, and online marketing
Tompkins Design is in the business of creativity

Tompkins Design LLC is in the business of creativity. My Name is Charles Reid I started this company as a way to get experience while attending college. I have developed multiple Websites, Windows Applications, and Android Applications but my main focus while in school was on graphically designed photography it is easier to manage and less time consuming. Now that I am graduating I am expanding the company to add more services to customers like affordable website design, graphic design, and online marketing.

Tompkins Design Team

Charles Reid

• Junior Web Developer with more than five years of personal and educational experience in Web Development. Ability to build a Web presence from the ground up including information gathering, planning, design, development, testing, delivery, and maintenance. Proficient in a wide array of scripting languages, multimedia design, mobile design, responsive design, UX, SEO, and Multiple Social Media Platforms.


I enjoy working with people. I surround myself with very smart people of high integrity. I show interest in them and their needs. In return, I am able to make friends and gather a group of people who are willing to listen to my ideas and take direction when necessary. It isn’t necessary to be likeable to lead people, but it certainly helps.


My management style is quite informal. I have spent my entire career trying to avoid being managed and I assume that most technical people don’t want to be managed either. I reserve management for business units, projects, and budgets. My leadership approach is to use influence with a team of people to achieve the desired goals. This involves applying the right leadership tool for the situation. You must be able to create a vision, and it is important to set easily understandable goals. You must be able to influence people, which, as a co-worker once memorably stated, “is the ability to let other people have it your way.” You must be a good coach in order to help your team succeed.

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